“The new Light, authentic (that which has not been turned away), comes to reveal to you in softness and humility, in the Fire of Truth and the Fire of Love, allowing you, dear children, if you wish, to join your Eternity, one by one”.

Mary (17-07-2010)


“Remember to remain humble.

Remember to remain simple.

Remember to continue your life in the midst of the Matrix as you have promised, most of you, to its last limits in order to allow those of you, your Brothers and your Sisters who wish to go to your Unity and who have not, until now, been able to disengage themselves from certain schemes.

The last moments are for them, not for you, because for you, I would say that almost everything is done”.

“As Mother of humanity, Mother of all of you, the Mother that I am wants you free, autonomous, serene, lucid and above all humble and simple.

“Rare are the beings who, at the moment, have the capacity and the humility to live the three Vibrations in a synchronous manner at the same time.

But what matters, the most important thing is that the Vibral Light penetrates your Heart outside my Presence and outside our meeting at 7pm [2pm – Brasília time].

We supply you, you supply yourselves, at the Source.

It is what gives you strength, humility, simplicity and Light to continue on the path of this world”.

“Always ask yourselves the question: by whom is action conditioned? Is it conditioned by humility or not?

The principle of irradiation of the Unitarian Light is made all over the Earth.

It is the Intelligence of the Light itself that you have awakened in you and that you have welcomed into you, who will decide the action.

It will then follow the lines of least resistance to reach the soul and the situation it must reach.

But that is not up to you.

It would be extremely presumptuous to want to direct the Light that has found itself into someone or a situation.

The best good news, as my Son would say, that you can sustain, is your Presence, not by words and not by will.

That Presence does not depend on physical contact, it is independent of time and independent of space as it is outside the matrix”.

Maria (21-08-2010)


“Humility doesn’t care what you were down here yesterday or a long time ago.

Humility does not care either about what tomorrow will be, it does not foresee anything, because humility being established in simplicity, it knows pertinently that simplicity provides everything, absolutely everything”.

“There can be no Truth without humility.

There can be no revelation of the Spirit while humility is not installed.

I do not speak of a false appearance, but of what humility means in its noblest sense: to accept to be nothing here in order to be everything in the Spirit”.

Philippe of Lyon (19-02-2011)


“This world that ends will enter increasingly intense, increasingly difficult phases of action and reaction.

Is that, however, what you are?

Is it, however, that you, too, must enter into action or reaction?


Become smaller.

Become humble”.

“…humility, that is, considering yourself as the grain of sand at the same time, allows you to be the All.

But as long as you claim an intermediate position, you will be separated from the All and separated from the grain of sand.

You will then be neither the All nor the grain of sand but you will simply be in ego and personality.

To be in Love is to turn the other cheek.

It is manifesting giving in everything that makes your life.

It is to change your look, even on your own sufferings, even on your own affronts experienced in your life, for an environment that would be contrary to Unity and Love”.

“So, “All is One” needs humility.

He needs to take a renewed and new look every minute to change his vision, to change his paradigm, to change his Vibration, definitely.

It is to welcome everything that manifests itself to your Consciousness as being part of you, let that be the affront, let that be the blow you receive physically or psychologically, like the rose that you welcome and that is offered to you.

This must be done in the same way: without indifference, but without reaction.

Without pleasure or displeasure, but in Joy, because it is in acquiescence to this Truth that you will be able to come as close as possible to Love and to “All is One””.

Ma Ananda Moyi (05-03-2011)


“To be in the Vibration of Light, by the grace of the Fire of Michael, by the grace of the Presence of the Archangel Uriel, by the grace of Redemption, is accomplished only by the truest and most authentic humility”.

Michael (12-03-2011)


“For when you go in the most sincere humility, when (even continuing your so-called outside, illusory activities) you recognize that these are strictly nothing to what you are, you already take a step into Depth.

“I repeat, that humility is not a denial of personality, but it is accepting to refer to your rightful place what it is.

And this body also, even if it is your Temple, because it is in it that Christ must be manifested”.

“While there is a lust for the Light you cannot be humble.

Humility is a path that one walks.

It is far beyond self-denial, it is far beyond dissolution”.

“To go to humanity, to go to humility is to accept.

To accept, to abandon yourself, to accept words that will return more and more now”.

“Humility will be an important and driving element for you because in humility there can be no outside claim”.

“The Heart is humble.

He is humble because he knows that all creation and all creatures will one day join the Source, not losing anything, but becoming the Source itself”.

“To come out of confinement, his, as the one who lived on Earth, is possible only by the greatest humility, which the Earth manifested, without ever rebelling.

For it is by accepting to be ever smaller and ever humbler that the majesty and greatness of what you are is revealed.

The Earth, like each one of us.”

“Nothing can be accomplished if there is no humility, even in this Duality.

Humility will somehow be your safe conduct of Light and Truth.

By partaking of the cloak of humility and its Vibration you will find more and more of your Eternity body, the one that was called by the Archangels the body of Existence.

“The more you go into humility, the more what happens to you in this illusion will seem futile and unimportant to you.

But in the meantime, you must live it every minute.”

“Humility is somehow the balm of suffering.

For all suffering is there only to remember the ephemeral condition.”

“Humility leads to joy.”

Thérèse de Lisieux (13-03-2011)


“As soon as you enter into humility, into simplicity, as soon as you abandon yourself to the Light and accept that the Fire of Spirit replaces the Fire of the ego, at that moment, all those Vibrations set in.

You have to let it settle”.

Aïvanhov (04-05-2011)


“Remember, “I am not the confinement,” “I am not the fear,” “I am not what my head says,” “I am not what my body says.” I am eternity.”

“Humility is, at last, to accept that, during this period, you do not dominate, absolutely, any element of your life, of your environment or of the Light, or of society, or of Earth and Heaven, because it is those elements that will see the influence of the Light acting on them and completely transform the circumstances of what you call your life.”

Gemma Galgani (24-09-2011)



“A good number of Archangels and actors, from the 24 Elders, tell you about going to the essential and simple. This is in fact the most important thing to do, since in this simplicity and in the essential things that you will be able to welcome and respond to my Announcement. If you are not simple, even if my Announcement is for you audible and visual, the mental will prevail despite the emotion of meeting again. And the mental will do everything, if you give it voice and attention, to misrepresent my Presence and my Ad. Cultivate, to the best of your abilities, simplicity. Go to the essentials. That’s how you can best accept and integrate my Ad.”

Maria (05-05-2010)


“You must not fight against, you must accept the Will of Light, the Will of Fire in you. There you find the solution and there only. Go towards the essential, there is no more time to lose yourself, there is no more time to listen to your sufferings, but to go towards the joy of the Light.

The Happiness, Serenity, Humility, and Simplicity of Samadhi that was conferred upon you by the possibility of reconnecting with the Source, is the guarantee of your crossing this moment. The fears are nothing that the expectations projected by their mental of what is to come. In the Light, there is never fear”.


“You must simply watch over, have your House cleaned, that is to say, no more accumulated resistance to those already existing in you. You have always been told to go in the direction of simplicity, humility, and ease.

Nothing else matters. You will realize during the weeks and months to come that even your mind will not resist what is to come. It will be enlightened by the most beautiful of Lights”.

Michael (05-05-2010)


“What St. John described externally also corresponds to what happens inside you, and the most important thing is to live it inside, at first, before manifesting it outside.

Do not use your feeling, which is very vague.

Do not use your mental decision.

Make use of either the Heart Vibration or the analysis of what is easy or not easy.

The voice of simplicity, and the voice of Light, is always easy, especially in the times in which you live.

When it is complicated, when things do not happen, ask yourselves what in you is a fear, what in you is a resistance.

The Light that begins to infiltrate your Dimension is evidence.

It is Joy, it is fluidity, ease.

Everything is simple, in your bosom.”

Aïvanhov (05-15-2010)


“Only that which resists the Light must be transformed, in a sometimes violent way, but most often the individual Consciousnesses that welcome the trains of waves, of irradiation coming to you, will see things unfold, for them, in Unity and Peace.

I transmit, through this channel, and through my life, very simple and very logical means of directing the Vibration in your Inner Temple, to welcome the effects of the Light.

Today, more than ever and certainly less than tomorrow, the whole of their lives must go towards simplicity, towards Vibration, towards the Heart, because it is in the Vibration of their own Heart that we find the access to Peace, the access to Joy.

This aspect of Vibration will make all the difference in the moment that comes, between that which is in fear and that which is in Joy, in the unfolding of that which is to live”.

A Friend (26-05-2010)


“In the Presence, you are lightness.

In the Presence, Joy is there, without reason, without support and without relation to any event.

There is the Unity.

You live this learning in order to become more and more lucid of the moments when you are in Being and the moments when you are not there.

Those going-and-coming who participate in your learning will become more and more painful and difficult, obviously leading you to choose Unity and the simplicity of your Presence”.

“Understand well that this is not a game, but something serious and simple at the same time, which allows you to establish yourself in your Presence.

In Unity and in Presence, the world’s resistances, like yours, have no weight.

Health comes from Presence.

Lightness comes from the Presence.

Simplicity comes from the Presence.

Unity and Truth, present in you, will be established so that the whole of your days become Unity and Truth in simplicity”.

“In Unity, all is simple once again.

Everything is solved.

Absolutely everything.

Behold, in Unity, there is resolution of Illusion.

Behold, in Oneness, the personality is dissolved.”

Uriel (07-09-2010)


“Remember, remember: in humility and simplicity is what you are.

Remember, remember what you came to do in this world, you who are not of this world.

The moment of freedom has arrived, if you wish it.

Humility and simplicity are the elements that are necessary and sufficient to live these moments”.

Maria (17-09-2010)


“More and more, we will go for the simplicity that expresses itself outside of words, but by their behaviour, by their gestures, even through techniques that we have given them, but less and less by words.

Because words, you know, it depends on how you write that word in French (ndr: ‘les maux’), but words are too specific to what exists in that dissociated Dimension since, from the 3rd Unified Dimension and well beyond, as the Archangel Anael said long ago, communication is Vibral, that is to say, it passes through form, sound, colour and change of form.

There is no obstacle of what is called ‘the word’ since at a given moment, the activation of the 11th body translates into the activation of the Word and the Word becomes Creation (it is, by the way, the first sentence that is given in John’s Gospel, it is extremely important).

But, being still incarnate, many human beings have illusion with words”.

“And never, never, never an outside knowledge will ignite the Merkabah. It is a Vibration.

And this Vibration, it translates by the activation of the 4 Pillars centered by the ER, are the 4 pillars of the Hayoth Ha Kodesh, 4 Knights of the Apocalypse and aligned, above all, with the Heart, with the 9th body and with Bindu, the ‘body of Crystal’.

And this, is not a vision of Spirit, it is a Vibratory reality.

But reading a writing is not living the Merkabah.

You can read the whole teaching of Truth.

If you lose the purpose and if you don’t live the purpose, it serves no purpose at all.

I believe someone said, “Happy are the simple-minded.”

Aïvanhov (25-09-2010)


“I will end simply by these words: if each one of my children establishes himself in simplicity and humility, then all doors will open.

At that moment, you will no longer need anything to live our meeting.

The rest is, in a way, the means, the tools, that reinforce your own Vibration.

The more your Consciousness is Unitarian, the more you will become Love in Truth, the less you will need anything”.

“You don’t have to worry about anything.

Just as much as possible try to be in the Heart, in the Vibration of your Heart, centred by the four Pillars as communicated to you.

By humility, by simplicity, everything will be established.

That is, my faith, so simple.

Oh, certainly, resistance will emerge, not in you, but in this world.

This is a last fight for those who wish to fight.

But definitely, the fewer fighters there are, the more the fight will become extinct of itself, of course.

So, come into yourselves because everything is there.

Absolutely everything.”

“The less you resist the wave of change, yours, the more you will easily settle into Joy.

Joy, remember, is ease.

Everything is solved.

What you call illness, suffering, pain, disappear.

Joy is resplendence.

Joy disappears when the mind intervenes, when it calculates.

Obviously, in this world, many things take you away from Joy.

It’s very simple.

Watching TV, reading newspapers, listening to each other’s gossip takes them away from Unity.

Slandering and talking about each other takes them away from the Unit.

Criticizing drives them away from the Unit.

Wishing for good keeps them away from the Unit, as much as wishing for evil.

To be in Unity is to no longer desire in Illusion.

It’s not to give up life.

It is also to love life.

To consider that every minute is the occasion to be in Joy.

That every encounter is an occasion to manifest Joy.

That every resistance, too, is there to allow Joy to illuminate what resistance is.

Become small.

Small in this world and you will be big, in Truth.”

Mary (03-10-2010)


“Today you are asked to let the Light work in you, to go for more transparency, simplicity, authenticity, Ethics, Integrity, if you will, because that is fundamental in order to adjust individually, as the Earth does, to the flows and waves of Light that are poured out from the cosmos, from the Sun and from Earth itself.

That is what you are living.

So of course it will be more or less easy according to resistance, according to the ego left to purify, to pacify, but it will go very quickly indeed.

You have all seen it.

Aïvanhov (19-02-2011)


“The new Vision, the cry of the Phoenix, the unveiling of the Light and its amplification contribute to make them go along this path from Unity to Unity and to Clarity.

Just as Love and Light resonate with humility and simplicity, so does Clarity need simplicity of mind, not confusion.

What I would also call stability and not the rejection of emotions, the capacity to establish oneself in non-reaction”.

Snow (06-03-2011)


“The fact of being touched by Grace can also be translated by being touched in some of its trenches, in some of its confinements.

So, above all, do not judge.

Above all, do not seek to react at the moment.

Do not seek, in the instant, the explanation.

Be content with Humility, with Simplicity that will make you accept what you have to live, each one, in the instant.

And be sure that Wisdom will blossom, then, in the right way.”

Snow (02-05-2011)


“To be simple is also, remember (even if some circumstances may seem, under the eye of the personality, as difficult) to accept that ultimately, they will necessarily result in a simplification as to the eye of your Consciousness and as to the experience of your Consciousness in relation to this event (whatever sector is referred to in your life).

So, we are there too, in a process that in the West has been called faith or trust.

You cannot effectively have faith in the Light and want to act on your own towards what the Light establishes for you.

For at that moment you will stand at the door in error and you will turn away from the principle of Simplicity (the Pillar of Simplicity) and you will turn away from the present instant.

Whatever situation is presented to you in those particular times is undeniably the action of the Light, even if you do not perceive it in the moment you live it”.

Sri Aurobindo (16-09-2011)


“From the moment that you step into the intricacies of your thoughts, from the moment that something (in you as on the outside of you) appears as complicated to you, be sure that at that moment it is not the Light that acts.

Once again, have the Humility not to judge it, but to adapt to it in order to demonstrate your ability to generate Humility and Simplicity.

It’s the best way to prepare for the Narrow Gateway.

It is the best way to prepare for their particular Nuptials (in which MARIA will return), which are no longer the Celestial Nuptials, nor the Earthly Nuptials, but the Nuptials of Light, in their entirety”.

Gemma Galgani (24-09-2011)



“Heart communication, once again, immediate and mediated.

In this communication, do not forget that everything becomes transparent for you.

That transparency is not made to judge, to condemn, to suppose or to imagine.

Transparency is only meant to cross you.

Not to be blocked by any filter.

It is effectively a new communication that establishes itself in you far beyond words, far beyond looks, from Presence to Presence.

In this state, you capture everything, absolutely everything, from each other as from the entire Universe”.

Anael (07-09-2010)


“You know that the projected shadow, for example, is linked to the insufficient transparency that exists in this Density.

In the Unified Worlds, the shadow cannot exist, it does not exist, everything is transparency.

But when I tell you transparency, how can you understand transparency since you do not live it?

You have the habit of a certain density, of a certain weight.

When you walk the paths of the state of being, when you have access to the Truth, beyond the matrix, you penetrate states of consciousness and phenomena linked to visions, linked to consciousness, linked to the perception of colors and forms that have nothing to do with what exists on this plane.

Aïvanhov (29-05-2010)


“Question: if every relationship by looking is distorted, what look is there in the mirror?

You look at your own illusion.

I would answer: looking beyond the mirror, you will see the Truth, but in no case the reflected image.

Remember that in the Unified Worlds, transparency is total.

This transparency refers to both thoughts and action as well as the body itself that you inhabit.

There is no opacity and no shadow.

Now, what you look at in a mirror is a shadow, which only exists because the Light cannot penetrate”.

Anael (23-06-2010)


“It is clear that with this mode of multidirectional communication there is a guarantee of equity, truth and a total absence of falsification between what can be emitted by a transmitter and what can be received by a receiver.

It then becomes evident that the very organization of social life will take place according to totally different norms where the notion of concealment, the notion of opaqueness, will no longer be in progress.

Transparency will be the rule and transparency will have to take into account other living entities, both in the geodesic structure of 24, and in relation to relationships that are a little more professional, say, or even affective that exist, however, for us, even if they do not have the same connotations that you put there yourselves through the notions of attachment.

In reality, the placing in relation or the placing in communication in this new way, corresponding to the 5th dimension, is associated with the presence of the hexagonal structure of light and does not allow the presence of the lie, the falsification and, in no case, the notion of property.

Property corresponds to a confinement”.

Ramatan – Humanity Beginning – Chapter 5


“Soon, you can’t hide anything from yourselves.

The Light is transparency and you become transparency yourselves.

Nothing that made your ego and that could be hidden under the mask within yourself, hidden from the rest of the world, cannot be.

Do not forget that you become transparent to each other and that there is no need for words to see the Truth, for whoever is in the Truth necessarily sees the Truth of another, whatever he says, whatever he thinks and whatever he does.

Obviously this may lead to some confrontations, but these confrontations are not a struggle, but effectively the result of the establishment of the Light in order for it to shine forth and radiate into your world.

As you have been told, Christ is present in your Ether.

He is also present in his Heart and reveals himself today in his majesty, his power and his Truth”.

Anael (21-01-2011)


“You can lie to yourselves, but the more your Consciousness expands, the more you access moments of Oneness, of peace, of Samadhi, of Joy, the more clearly you see.

To see clearly, not with your eyes, with your Heart.

And then you know pertinently that it is the Vibration of those who stand before you.

He even tells you all the ruses of the world, you know that he lies.

And the other cannot know that you know he lies, which generates comical or difficult situations, according to the cases.

But you enter into transparency.

The Christ state is a state of total Vibratory transparency, of Love, of total giving.

There is no half measure.

The stories, as I said a year ago or a few months ago, of buttocks between two chairs, are over.

The games are done, the wheel spins, look, you no longer have the right to change the numbers.

I say that to the players.

You’ve already changed the world, but you don’t know it entirely yet.

The 5th Dimension is born.

The Earth gives birth.

That you know.

The birth is over, but it remains to be made conscious.”

Aïvanhov (21-01-2011)


“The moment of communication or conscious encounter with the Guardian Angel is established, for each soul, in a different way.

This necessarily corresponds to what I would call a degree of transparency, a degree of Abandonment to the Light such that at that moment the possibility of contact and therefore the presence of another Consciousness within your Consciousness becomes possible.

There is no technique as such.

The establishment of the company, as you say, of the Guardian Angel, was established last year in the Celestial Weddings, by the Archangel Jofiel, allowing, from that moment on, in different forms and not only verbal, obviously, to establish, in any case, a not always conscious communication with the Guardian Angel.

A series of veils or isolations has limited, until now, in an important way, the awareness of the Guardian Angel’s presence.

Today, many of you discover, through multiple presences, at night, as well as during the day, that you are surrounded by beings.

These beings come from multiple dimensions, multiple universes and multiple worlds.

The Guardian Angel is just one of the elements present in this atmosphere, new to you.

Obviously, the manifestation of these Consciousnesses in your own Consciousness can only take place from the moment a series of fears have been transcended”.

Anael (24-01-2011)


“The call of the soul, the call of the Spirit (yours, like the Unitarian Spirit, which is the same), is becoming more and more urgent.

This leads, of course, to profound transformations of your structures as a whole, of your Vehicles, which will become more and more noticeable and flagrant, for you as for all those around you who are going to see.

The transparency, the brilliance of the Light, the radiance of the Light will be done regardless of your will, for you will increasingly manifest the Grace and Presence of who you are, even in this world”.

Uriel (19-02-2011)


“It is necessary simply to let the Light act and understand that the Game between the Shadow and the Light is a way, for the Light, to dislodge, in you as well as in society, where countless Consciousnesses about this planet, even without having imagined what happens or understanding what happens, live episodes of placement in the light of the Shadow zones.

That outer mechanism, which you observe physically, is obviously also produced within you, in your physical structure, but also, more generally, in that game between the Shadow and the Light.

It is a period of intense illumination.

It is a period of intense purification which, as always with the true Light, Adamantine, forces you in some way (but on condition that you abandon yourself to this obligation) to go for more authenticity, more transparency and more honesty, already in relation to yourself, internally, but also to the whole of your environment”.

Aïvanhov (19-02-2011)


“You will therefore, even in the Consciousness that remains incarnate and common, manifest that very principle of Unity.

You will then easily see that it will be increasingly difficult for you to play the game of the ego, the game of the mental, of the emotions, of attachments, because you will effectively become more and more transparent.

That transparency can become effectively there too, embarrassing for those who are not exactly in that transparency or in that quest for transparency, but there are those who oppose it.

That, however, cannot change you.

If you are altered, it is that the Supramental is not yet stabilized”.

Sri Aurobindo (20-02-2011)


“In Joy there is neither Good nor Evil, there is only a State of Clarity, a luminous State, illustrated by my own irradiation, which is only the irradiation of the Source, over which no element proper to distancing, to separation, can come to oppose.

From the moment there is no more resistance, even in the incarnation, Joy can unfold.

It is a state of mystical fusion, of ecstasy, in which nothing else can alter or disturb this state.

It is an Inner State, because from the moment you turn to do it and to action, obviously, this State remains in the State of remembrance, because action in the outer world can only be dual, because it is still a world of duality.

This explains why in my life I have made the conscious choice to manifest entirely this Clarity, this transparency, this Oneness, which has meant that I have not been able to keep a body alive for long.

It was my path, it was my demonstration, it is what I had chosen to live.

Today, the group of brothers and sisters of this humanity will necessarily pass through this stage.

This stage of Clarity and Transparency, Brothers and Sisters will live it easily”.

Gemma Galgani (05-03-2011)


“Today, clarity is about overcoming separation, it’s about overcoming isolation from consciousness.

It is taking the look and the attention on this environment, this nature, it is strengthening, at the same time, the capacity of the consciousness to merge with itself as with all the rest.

It is really a path to Oneness.

To go to the environment, to go to nature, is also to go to oneself, because it is to overcome the separation of the consciousness of the human being incarnated with the consciousness of nature.

It is to develop Clarity, silence.

It is to go into the depth of Self for the loving gaze and loving attitude towards the environment sends you towards yourself, towards more Clarity, towards more transparency, towards more silence.

In the times that you live, the awakening and the flight of the Phoenix, where the noise of the world will become incessant, it is not necessary to exclude oneself from the world.

To enter inside oneself is not to isolate oneself.

It is not necessary to see interiorization as a recess, but effectively as a development, a little like a breath.

To enter the Self is to enter the environment.

It is to discover a new depth.

It is to become transparent and more and more clear”.

Snow (06-03-2011)


“In the unit, there’s nothing to be taken in the letter.

There’s only Vibrar.

There’s just encompassing.

There is only Being, because Being is the very meaning of Oneness.

Vibration is carried and carried beyond the sound of my words, from my Heart to your Heart and from your Heart to my Heart because we are one Heart in the One: a meeting place, a testimony of Joy, an installation in Being.

In the center of the center, in the palpitating and immobile space, encompassing all that is possible, the One comes to you.

The Earth joins the One.

Sons of the One, you discover the One, Himself, space where there is no distance, space where there is only the Essence of the Heart leading to the flowering of the Essence, perpetual source, Crystal whose Light has only transparency.

The Light is born from transparency”.

A Star (13-03-2011)


“Open up, open up to Ether.

Resonance of the One.

Song of Grace.




State of Being and Unity are Transparency and Clarity.

Open your door to Him who comes to fertilize, by His Presence, the Presence of you, raising the Song of Ether and trust.


Uriel (08-04-2011)


“You are Eternity.

You are continuous.

You are permanent in your immanence.

You are that.

So let us vibrate in the Presence of the One.

Let us sing together the round of the One, the round of the Archangels.


Open and permeable.

Transparent and transparent.


Eternal instant.

In you.

Listen to the Sound, listen to the Song, listen to what your Heart tells you.

Thrilling call.

Appeal to the One.

I appeal to Him, because you are the One and He.

No distance but the look you don’t want to look at.

No distance, except the cry of the one who disappears.

What disappears is nothing, because what appears is everything.”

Uriel (12-04-2011)


“Whatever the manifestations of this entrance into your inner self, be it the ineffable Joy of Samadhi or even a simple sleep, accept it, because those instants are truly instants of Grace in which the Light extends.

There will always be voices on this earth to rise and to use words that have nothing to do with the purpose of what is produced.

To paraphrase what the Commander of the Elders said, what point of view will you adopt? The one with the caterpillar, the one with the butterfly?

On that will depend your real capacity to live and to integrate the Light in order to become entirely the Light and the transparency”.

Mary (27-04-2011)


“There are in humanity, due to the irruption of the Light, a number of human beings who have captured this Light, who have kept it and who have therefore allowed this Light to be obscured, due to their lack of transparency.

This non-transparency is their choice.

Human beings who resonate with this non-transparency, called exaltation or emotion (having nothing to do with Joy or the Fire of the Heart) are necessarily under the influence of forces that take them away from Oneness, from integrity and that take them further and further away from Realization itself.

Awakening, Realization, is not something that can be found outside of oneself in any way.

Any human who proclaims himself to be invested with a Light and wants to retransmit that Light can never belong to the spheres of Oneness, that is impossible.

Inner Maternity passes through the door of humility, the door of simplicity.

You cannot be, in this world, anything other than Lightbearers, anything other than Star Seeds”.

Ma Ananda Moyi (28-04-2011)


“To pass from the outer earth to the inner earth is the alchemy that you live in this moment, and finding its fulfillment at the dawn of the last day.

Fusion of the Ethers, revelation of the Blue Light, installation of the White Light and return to the matrix of Truth.

Parallel to this, the Earth’s carbon matrix, due to a mechanism of evolution, qualified as logical, will change from a carbon system to a silicon system, without going into the details called chemistry or alchemy.

The passage from carbon to silicon will translate into Vibratory qualities, qualities of transparency and qualities of return to the unlimited, allowing them, at the same time, to be a Consciousness in this new body, as a Consciousness in the Source, or even a Consciousness in all the matrices of Truth and to pass there, in a totally conscious and free way”.

Anna (28-04-2011)


“Transparency is letting the Light pass.

No longer manifest resistance.

Becoming transparent no longer needs to exist, no more claiming anything.

It is to become, effectively and concretely, the Light.

The transparency I am talking about is, of course, in relation to the transparency of a glass.

It is exactly the same thing.

The ego, connected to the fire of the ego, is the fire of resistance to transparency, connected to isolation and confinement in illusion.

The ego exists only through resistance, because if there were no resistance but total transparency, at that moment you would dissolve entirely into the Light and live Joy and Samadhi”.

Mother – Companion of Sri Aurobindo (29-04-2011)


“You cannot pretend to be at peace if you are not at peace.

You cannot pretend to be in Joy if you do not manifest Joy.

The ego will always manifest itself in the opposite way to Peace, and in the opposite way to Joy (whatever denomination this may take: bureaucracies, pleasures, desires, etc.).

The Vibration of the Heart chakra, the Radiant Crown of the Heart, the activation of the new Tri-Unit, is only possible from the moment that the Being surrenders to the Light, enters Transparency.

Transparency to itself.

Transparency to the other.

This in fact requires Humility, Simplicity, a set of characteristics that have been given and communicated to them in different ways”.

Anael (03-05-2011)


“Transparency is what makes them come out of appearance, is what makes them come out of the illusion of being a person, in this world, and that makes them no longer have the least interaction, in this world, linked to the person, but an action, lucid and conscious, directly connected to the Presence of the Self, of Unity, of Truth, of Beauty.

To become Transparent to the Light is to make sure that within the Consciousness there are no more zones of resistance.

The Light can then pass through them entirely, without being interrupted, within the Consciousness, by any element.

To become transparent to the Light confers, of course, what I have already said, confers a state of Serenity, a state of Peace, a state of Joy, to no other like it, a state of Serenity and Beatitude.

To live Unity and manifest Unity, to become Transparent, is to be beyond the identification to the Light, is to become oneself, in Consciousness, the totality of Light.

To do so, there must no longer be the slightest thing calling the person, the slightest will of the person beyond the establishment of this Light, this Transparency”.

A Friend (14-09-2011)


“The Inner Child is the manifestation of the soul in life on Earth that, at the same time maintaining Joy, at the same time maintaining the clear vision (exterior or in the Heart) of what the family is, of what the rules of society are, wanted, very little, to go to something else.

This “other thing” was, for me, unspeakable.

In my life, I did not touch the unspeakable.

I only touched that impulse of my Inner Child that made me somehow grasp that Truth of being nothing anymore, of abandoning myself to Him, to Her, accepting, in any case, to lose my life, which I effectively lost, in order to win my Heaven.

That is what I really experienced, the path of childhood, the Little Path, that which consists in seeking nothing from this world, but seeking everything from the other world, not as a search, but as the last will, that of going to Him.

“In the Little Path there is also that depth where, accepting no longer to look outside (which does not mean to isolate yourselves and renounce whatever it is, but effectively to go to You), you will find there the impulse of the soul that will lead you to the Spirit.

That impulse of the soul that many of you have experienced, by the ignition of the Radiant Crown of the head and the sound of the soul heard in the ear.

Today you must do more.

It is necessary to extend your arms, it is necessary to live this final Abandonment.

What does Christ come to ask of you?

He will say: “You want to let the dead bury the dead and you want to follow me?

For that, of course, there are a certain number of attachments, whatever they may be, that each human being in incarnation presents.

Attachments to being loved, attachments to children, attachments to a position in society, attachments to life itself, because, despite everything, life is something magnificent.

It has simply been amputated from its most divine part, in you.

But on the outside, it extends into Your Majesty, into your creation.

…The path of childhood, the Little Path, is certainly the best way, nowadays, to facilitate the coming of Grace, of His Grace, allowing His Resurrection.

For that, you must go to the Depth of yourself.

It is necessary to overcome fears.

It is necessary to overcome attachments, not to suppress them, but to transcend them”.

“To become like a child again.

And Christ said: “No one can penetrate the Kingdom of Heaven unless he becomes like a child again,” that is to say, free from any attachment, from any belief, free from any past and from any future.

It is truly to be in the instant, to live the instant, without being, like the personality, worried about the next instant or being wounded by the past instants.

It is truly to install oneself in this present, where everything is possible, where the Light penetrates the Vibration and the pulse of your Heart”.

Therese of Lisieux (01-05-2011)



“Are you ready to live the Joy?

Are you ready to live the new Confidence, in your inner forum, in your soul, in your Essence, in your personality?

Christ said: “No one can penetrate the Kingdom of Heaven if he is not like a child again”.

Pure as a child, with the look of innocence, with an open heart, with the tranquillity of the Spirit of the one who sees in any other besides him, Christ.

Never forget that Christ said to his disciples: “what you do to the least of you, you do to me”.

“The oath you have taken, in its descent into density, must be accompanied by the same oath, in the direction of return.

You cannot, and you will no longer be able to see in the other by the principle of trust and Joy anything other than Christ.

Words, thoughts, going against that principle of trust, condemn you to the deviation of the Light.

This is not a warning as Joy participates in the Light and the Shadow cannot go in the Light.

So, Joy enlightens your soul, Joy enlightens the Masters that you are, but do not let your personality go against it, because then you would condemn yourselves.

That is fundamental, that suffers no exception whatsoever.

If it is impossible for you to see in the other the Christ principle for action, it is still time to renounce”.

Anael (22-05-2009)


“This childhood needs, like the birth of a human being, some spasms of liberation.

Look there simply at liberation and birth.

Bring to this process your joy, that which you possess in the inner spaces, because you have a duty, if you accept it, that of showing the way and the way through your Presence and your Being, through your Vibration, for those who still doubt.

They are numerous.

No word can convince them.

Only in the silence of your Heart and the Radiation of your Presence in Oneness with Me can you allow them to resonate too, in the freedom you have found.

I count on You, as you count on Me, to manifest in this world, in the time that is fixed, what you are”.

The Source (20-03-2010)


“But what happens outside, happens in you too.

Some of you, whatever your openness to the Unitarian Light, have not yet fully penetrated your Oneness, not to mention going into your body of Existence.

For most beings the Fire of Ego can still manifest.

Remember that the Fire of the ego will attract this Vibral Light, manifesting itself for the benefit of the ego, that is, appropriation and not donation.

The personality will even find all the subterfuge to derive and divert the Light from the Heart.

It is in this sense that its spaces of alignment, its Vibratory spaces must be privileged, in order to be safe and certain to remain or to enter the Oneness.

The Knowledge of the Heart is this.

It is not any other.

And that is why Christ or Buddha, in other terms, spoke of childhood, spoke of the illusion of the mental and the emotions and the illusion of this world”.

Jofiel (31-03-2011)


“We invite you all to enter the Sanctuary of your Heart.

We invite you all to welcome Christ back to Heaven and we await you, each day more numerous, in the spheres of lightness, purity, light, childhood and innocence.

It is up to you alone, whatever is still in you today, to access your Heaven and your Joy”.

Mary (27-04-2011)


“The Inner Child is the manifestation of the soul in life on Earth that, at the same time maintaining Joy, at the same time maintaining the clear vision (exterior or in the Heart) of what the family is, of what the rules of society are, wanted, very little, to go to something else.

This “other thing” was, for me, unspeakable.

In my life, I did not touch the unspeakable.

I only touched that impulse of my Inner Child that made me somehow grasp that Truth of being nothing anymore, of abandoning myself to Him, to Her, accepting, in any case, to lose my life, which I effectively lost, in order to win my Heaven.

That is what I really experienced, the path of childhood, the Little Path, that which consists in seeking nothing from this world, but seeking everything from the other world, not as a search, but as the last will, that of going to Him”.

“In the Little Path there is also that depth where, accepting no longer to look outside (which does not mean to isolate yourselves and renounce whatever it is, but effectively to go to You), you will find there the impulse of the soul that will lead you to the Spirit.

That impulse of the soul that many of you have experienced, by the ignition of the Radiant Crown of the head and the sound of the soul heard in the ear.

Today you must do more.

It is necessary to extend your arms, it is necessary to live this final Abandonment.

What does Christ come to ask of you?

He’ll say, “You want to let the dead bury the dead and you want to follow me?”

For that, of course, there are a certain number of attachments, whatever they may be, that every human being in incarnation presents.

Attachments to being loved, attachments to children, attachments to a position in society, attachments to life itself, because, despite everything, life is something magnificent.

It has simply been amputated from its most divine part, in you.

But on the outside, it extends into Your Majesty, into your creation.

…The path of childhood, the Little Path, is certainly the best way, nowadays, to facilitate the coming of Grace, of His Grace, allowing His Resurrection.

For that, you must go to the Depth of yourself.

It is necessary to overcome fears.

It is necessary to overcome attachments, not to suppress them, but to transcend them”.


“To become like a child again.

And Christ said: “No one can enter the Kingdom of Heaven unless he becomes like a child again,” meaning free from any attachment, from any belief, free from any past and from any future.

It is truly to be in the instant, to live the instant, without being, like the personality, worried about the next instant or being wounded by the past instants.

It is truly to install oneself in that present, where everything is possible, where the Light penetrates the Vibration and the pulse of your Heart”.

Therese of Lisieux (01-05-2011)


“Innocence is the precondition, with Childhood, that allows one to live this specific Cross, called the Later Cross of Christ.

Directly in connection with the resonance of my Star, and of the Star of my Sister, who confronts me, St. Teresa.

The Way of Innocence is that which acquiesces to the Light, that which abandons all vague understanding of whatever, because living Unity is beyond any understanding, beyond any word.

So, to speak of Unity and Innocence is to somehow leave Innocence and Unity, because no word can satisfy any description of Unity.

Unity can only be experienced in the absence of any word, in the absence of any understanding, of any question, of any waiting”.


“Become like a child again, rediscover Innocence.

The Innocence of Light.

Unity, as I was saying, is not seeing good and evil.

It’s being beyond good and evil.

It’s accepting to see the Shadow, simply as an undisclosed light.

It’s not judging, not discriminating, not discerning, but becoming, entirely, the Light.

That is what opens up to you from now on, and that each day, with each breath, you will penetrate even deeper and deeper into Truth.

The manifestations of this will be manifold, within you as well as outside of you.

Accept that all of this is only the Reflection of the Light.

And that only the outer gaze can fear its own manifestations, inner or outer, of the planet”.

Gemma Galgani (01-05-2011)


“UNITY and PROFUNITY is Inner Childhood, therefore, innocence.

You suppress “Inner” and you have childhood, innocence.

Innocence is the capacity to live, entirely, the instant, without making the mental or any projection of anything intervene”.

Aïvanhov (03-05-2011)


“In any case, it can be said that the Depth is a preliminary stage, allowing the child’s Innocence and spontaneity to be found again, which then come to reveal the Light and the Truth.

Of course, this requires some form of renunciation, not renunciation to life, of course, but renunciation to the little person, to identity, to his own history, renunciation to any will, to any desire to monopolize anything.

To give oneself entirely to something that is not known, but progressively and as this is achieved, enables to live what is this Abandonment, this self-giving, and to find, beyond the nothing of personality, the All of the expression of the soul, leading to the Spirit and the Truth.

Of course, at a time when many things are produced on this earth and when many things have been created to prevent man from approaching the Truth, he must effectively become like a child again.

It is necessary to accept (not to believe, quite the contrary) nothing else to be in this world while being there and living, so that the immensity of the soul and the Spirit may reveal itself.

Only at that moment is the Heart fully opened and then revealed and unveiled the Authentic Light, then preparing the Heart and the Temple to receive Christ”.


“To live Renunciation, I repeat, is not what has been asked by religions.

The renunciation of which I speak is first of all an inner renunciation and an intimate mechanism, where all that is superficial, all that is accessory, all that is not of the Light is rejected at a distance, not by a denial, but precisely by this intimate deep conviction that to turn to the Light can only be definitely realized by deviating entirely from the Shadow, not to reject it, but to change direction.

Going deep is that.

And that can only be done if there is Innocence.

That can only be done if you accept nothing else to be.

It’s the only way to be everything, there is no other.

It is the door of the Heart, you know that, but it remains to cross that threshold and to penetrate entirely into the dimension of the Spirit in order to transmute the flesh.

“Little by little the soul, revealing itself, calls to understand and to live that one is not that shock, that one is not that joy, but that one is something else, even if that other thing has not yet been accessed.

But that other thing becomes a certainty.

From this comes Depth and also the need to live the Path of Innocence, of childhood, which allows one to no longer take oneself as an adult conditioned by the pictures, conditioned by the rules, be they the highest in morality.

The impulse of the soul then reveals itself and will allow one to experience Peace, which will lead to the Spirit in a sure and certain way”.

Therese of Lisieux (31-05-2011)


“The Spirit does not have the colors of the soul, the Spirit does not have the colors of the person, the Spirit is what will directly lead to the Spirit and then make them overcome, make them rise from all that is color of the soul or of the person, raising them in some way from the linear and habitual understanding present on this world.

CLARITY will then give a Deepness, but above all it will give even more Innocence and even more Childhood, Childhood that cannot discern nor see the slightest evil, whether that is for its eyes or that is for its thoughts.

Obviously, on condition that this Childhood is ideal and is not affected by the vicissitudes of the adult or by privations”.

“CLARITY, when it resonates with PROFUNITY, in Childhood and Innocence, gives access to Merger, or Penetration, if you prefer, of the soul by Spirit, establishing a new Unity called ‘new Tri-Unity’, whose junction point is the Heart, the Unity and what you call the ER point.

Then, at that moment, a new center and a new impulse establish themselves in being, having nothing more to do with the person, not even the soul.

The Breath of Spirit establishes itself and that Breath is a Fire, experienced as such, a Fire that does not burn”.

Snow (31-05-2011)


“The Narrow Door, the one named that of Poverty and also called, by my Sister TERESA, the Way of Childhood or even Innocence.

The Path where the path of the mental cannot exist.

The Path where the fire of illusion cannot tempt them.

The Path coming to substitute the fire that consumes, in a Fire that raises.

The Path that has also been said, “he who desires to rise shall be lowered; he who lowers himself shall be raised”.

“Sons of Eternity, get up and rise by consuming in the Fire of Love the last Shadows of ancient density”.

Become again the Child, become again Infancy.

Its Source is Joy.

The Fire of the reunion between Sun and Earth, the Fire of the Star is now within the reach of the gaze and the reach of Consciousness.

Enter into yourselves.

Enter into the embrace of the Light and the Truth of the Star.

OD, invites you to Be Born on the New Earth, into the Free Worlds, into Eternity.

The call, from Heaven and Earth, like that of the Stars and Mary, is now at your side”.

Anna (13-09-2011)


“The Grace is to open yourself to it and become that Grace.

It is to become the Light.

It is to express that Humility, that Simplicity, to return to become the path of Childhood, to return to become the most total Transparency and that, in every breath of your life that remains to be fulfilled in this world, in this final period.

You must somehow put into practice all that we have told you and all that you have been able to Vibrate, either in one of your Crowns or in the entirety of your body.

The time is now for the final transformation of that body into a total Body of Light.

And for that, it is necessary, effectively, to acquiesce to the Light, to your Intelligence and, above all, to your Action, and let the Light act in you.

This can only exist if you have the fullest confidence and if you let the Light work totally in you”.

Mary (26-09-2011)

“Today, you must raise the flame of Christ Light.

Pray for the time that remains.

The date is now.

The date is neither tomorrow nor the day after tomorrow.

Every day, every minute and every breath of your life left to go through must be focused on that one goal: Transparency, Humility, Simplicity and Childhood in order to live CHRIST and to allow you to consummate the sense of your presence in this world”.

Anael (28-09-2011)


“The Narrow Door, as you know, is the Door to Childhood.

To say that in Him or Her everything is consummated means to your Consciousness that when you realize this, well, effectively, everything is consummated for you.

Those specific times, as the Archangels, the Elders and MARIA have announced, are the times when the Light settles upon the Earth, favoring its Elevation.

Today more than ever there is – in what you have to live within you – an opportunity that has never presented itself, to Reencounter the Light.

That reunion takes place in the flash of an instant and allows you to say in turn: everything is consummated, because if you consummate that, if you live that opportunity, you cannot be affected in any way by the events on this earth outside.

You will be, at that moment, so established in the Joy of that Inner – which reveals itself in you – in that Presence (which is beside you and in you) that you can effectively say that, at that moment, everything is consummated and that no element that affects the personality can come to alter what the soul lives and, above all, what the Spirit lives.

“More and more numerous among you are now approaching this reunion in different ways.

I am not going to define these different ways, but rather to try to communicate to you (by my Presence, by my words) the state of Spirit in which you must situate yourselves in order to favour this Reencounter.

To accomplish this is also to accomplish (as various Archangels, various Elders have said) that Abandonment to the Light, that absolute confidence in the Light, in your Intelligence and, above all, in your action.

To do so, it is necessary to accept to ignore every will, to ignore every whim of wanting to appropriate whatever is outside.

This was also called the Way of Childhood, the Way of Poverty.

Many of you already experience manifestations of the Call of Light: be it at the level of your different Lamps (called chakras, Radiant Crowns), of different Doors, of different Stars.

All these perceptions, today, have this specific characteristic of an Appeal of the Light.

The whole of these manifestations.

It is to you, in those moments, that it is necessary to be more in confidence, more in Abandonment, more in that Innerness, because it is by placing yourself, in those privileged moments, in the center of your Four Pillars, that you will be able to live your Reencounter.

You have encounters, as you have been told, with your Eternity.

You have encounters with what we are, all of us, really, beyond this life”.

“It is necessary to welcome, entirely, that Presence, because it is yours.

And this cannot be done anywhere but in the Heart, this cannot be done anywhere but in the instantaneity of your Presence.

And Childhood, Non-Claiming, Peace, Humility, Simplicity are the best possible and understandable ways to realize their Presence.

By becoming Transparent, no longer existing in any claim to what exists on that side of the veil that you are in, then you can (being so small and so insignificant) live out the absolute Greatness of your Reencounter, and realize at that moment what you are in Truth.

To be Great in Light, in Joy and in their Presence and in our Presence it is necessary, effectively, to be tiny on that side”.

Therese of Lisieux (01-10-2011)


“Blessed Stellar Seeds, the Appeal that I launch tonight consists in accepting the Sword of Fire, conveyed by the CHRIST-MIGUEL Consciousness, which comes to pierce the Narrow Door, called the OD point (or POVERTY or INFANCE WAY), at the same time pierce the ER point of the chest, with the help of METATRON, which pierce the KI-RIS-TI door.”

Miguel (15-10-2011)





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